body lotions

Crema corporal Humectantes.jpg

moisturizing lotion

This lotion contains a mixture of Shea, Coconut and a selection of essential oils that nourish and regenerate, making it a great aid for premature aging. It softens the skin and promotes a uniform tone; while also protecting you from sun damage. Applying it after the beach will refresh your skin and prolong your tan. 

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Containing capsaicin (chile), which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties for muscles and joints. Great for calisthenic use, as rosemary helps muscle relaxation and blood microcirculation. Karite nourishes, tones and gives elasticity to the skin; as well as boosting capsaicin and rosemary proterties, helping them reach the deepest layers of your skin. It helps reduce cellulite and body fat due to it's thermogenic properties by raising the temperature in the area of application. 

These ingredients are 100% natural and are ideal for any general discomfort.