We make top quality products with natural ingredients. All of our products are highly biodegradable and free of toxic chemicals that could affect personal and environmental health.




Kepler was created on 2005, starting with a fresh approach and with the idea of being an environmental friendly brand. Our first product was Kepler's natural air & fabric refresher (bio-antibacterial) created from a mixture of natural ingredients (mint, rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender). 



The legend of the rabbit on the moon

Quetzalcoatl, a great and benevolent god once went to travel the world in human form. Since he had walk a whole day, by the evening he felt hungry and tired. However he kept walking until the stars started shining and the moon peeped trough the window in the skies, then he sat on the roadside. There he was resting when he saw a little rabbit that had come out for dinner.
“What are you eating?” He asked.
“I’m eating grass. Do you want some?”
“Thank you, but I do not eat grass.”
“What will you do then?”
“Die of hunger and thirst, perhaps.”
The little rabbit sat close to Quetzalcoatl and said:
“I'm just a little rabbit, but if you're hungry, eat me. I'm here.”
The god caressed the little rabbit and said:
“You might just be a little rabbit, but the world will remember you forever.” With one hand, he raised him high, very high, up to the moon, where the rabbit's shape got printed, then he took him down to earth and said:
“There you have your portrait in light, for all the men and till the end of time.”

The kindness in this legend inspired the development of Kepler products.